The key objective of this site is to highlight and supply innovations across 12 COVID-19 categories (i.e. response areas). The growing list of 800+ featured innovations includes those that are ready to deploy, plus innovations that could be adapted for COVID-19 responses, or inspire new, much-needed solutions. A smaller list is identified with partners as COVID-19 Recognized Innovations for their response efforts and sharing COVID-19 stories about hand-picked innovations. We are also actively sourcing new innovations designed in response to COVID-19. 

See how to use the site below. We hope you find it valuable as we come together to address this global challenge, and would welcome your support so we can continue to help use innovation in tackling future crises yet to come.
The list of featured innovations:

  1. Focuses on innovations with the potential to contribute to responding to COVID-19 in a variety of categories, locations, audiences, etc. in line with WHO’s technical guidance (e.g. don’t require group setting, allowing for social distancing).
  2. Aims to enable various ecosystem actors to easily and quickly find information about potentially relevant COVID-19 innovations that are out there.
  3. Is not a recommendation, or validation of the quality of these innovations. Instead, this site crowdsources information from key actors in the ecosystem and asks the user to apply their own parameters for what might be relevant and appropriate for their situation. We ask our users to apply a do-no-harm approach to considering these innovations and do their own due diligence. 
  4. Encourages users to contact innovators that might have promising innovations to explore their relevance and ability to deploy to their unique COVID-19 situation.
* While we welcome innovations at every stage including research, we acknowledge other resources that are aggregating relevant clinical research especially for prevention, treatment, and testing solutions. We will link to them from the Resources page.

As the world responds to COVID-19, innovators are developing, adapting, and delivering solutions across the globe in their communities and beyond. We are partnering with others to identify these as COVID-19 Recognized Innovations
Visit the Innovation Directory and use the filters on top to narrow down your search and find the information you're looking for.

  • COVID-19 Categories refer to the GIE-assigned categorization of the innovation relevant to COVID-19. View more information about the categories here.

  • COVID-19 Recognitions to filter innovations by entities that have recognized these innovations for their COVID-19 efforts. Learn more here.

  • Focus Areas refers to the general sectors or cross-cutting topics the innovator has self-assigned for their innovation.

  • Implemented In refers to which countries the innovations are implemented in.

  • Stage refers to the innovation’s stage of development and scale as self-reported by innovators.

  • Funded By and Recognized By refer to the organizations or programs that have provided funds or recognitions respectively to innovations.

  • To limit to "Verified" innovations, switch on the toggle to the right of Show Verified Only and see the innovation’s Milestones section for which agencies have provided Verified support for the innovation.


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Additionally, the site also allows innovators to find and see where funding opportunities for innovations exist around COVID-19 (The site does not guarantee funding to innovations submitted on the site). 

Finally, review or contribute blogs, discussions, requests, or ideas relevant to COVID-19 response efforts. All posts will require moderator approval. Browse innovation programs, activities or calls for non-financial support relevant to COVID-19 response here

We hope you find the data and information on this site helpful and informative. If you use or reference the visualizations on this page, or data across the site including to inform your work, please include an appropriate citation to the COVID-19 Innovation Hub. Contact the GIE team at with questions or to share how you used the information.

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