Updated Jul 09, 2020

SEARAN  Social Enterprise

Enabling new classes of connected devices.


SEARAN’s engineers are experts in Bluetooth connectivity, embedded firmware, iOS and Android OS. We engage with product development teams at an early stage to propose architecturally solid wireless solutions which translates into development time and cost savings for our customers. To help developers integrate Bluetooth functionality into their products SEARAN offers various custom designed programmable modules as an out-of-the-box Bluetooth drop-in solution that comes with full SEARAN support, and allows clients to develop products with minimum effort.
SEARAN is the fastest growing provider of Bluetooth wireless connectivity with tens of millions of devices in consumer, medical and industrial applications. Our key technological IP, a highly efficient ultrasmall Bluetooth stack, dotstackTM, is compliant with the latest Bluetooth SIG specifications, ported to most popular platforms and OS, and tested with many Bluetooth controllers and controller IP in the industry.
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