Updated Nov 18, 2019

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About Open Road Alliance

Who We Are:

Founded in 2012, Open Road Alliance is a private philanthropic initiative that provides grant and loan capital to non-profits and social enterprises for mid-implementation projects facing an unexpected roadblock or a sudden catalytic opportunity. Open Road makes discrete, one-time charitable grants and loans across all sectors and geographies.

What We Offer:

The philanthropic market is not currently structured to deal with the unpredictable. In fact, 1 in 5 grants face an unforeseen obstacle, yet 83% of donors lack a dedicated budget allocation for contingencies. Open Road Alliance (ORA) is a private, philanthropic organization that provides fast and flexible contingency funding to non-profits and social enterprises. We make one-time grants and loans to mid-implementation projects that encounter an unexpected external roadblock that requires a discrete injection of funds to solve the problem at hand. Open Road promotes a grantee-centric approach to philanthropy, focused on creating a transparent and trusting relationships with our partners. Our long term goal is to keep impact on track by filling funding gaps with our investments while increasing the sophistication of risk management practices in philanthropy.
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