Updated Mar 01, 2018

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About Dobility, Inc. (SurveyCTO)

Who We Are:

Dobility is the company behind SurveyCTO, a field-tested technology platform used by researchers and evaluators to collect data on mobile phones, tablets, or computers. Its unique quality-control and data-security features help improve the rigor of field-based data collection. With SurveyCTO you can collect data online or offline, access your data as soon as it's collected, keep your data secure, and ensure data quality with our powerful quality-control features.

Most mobile data collection tools were built by well-meaning engineers. SurveyCTO was built by evaluation professionals who depend on quality data, people whose years of field experience have created a deep empathy for other users in the field. By combining practical knowledge of day-to-day challenges with an understanding of how and when technology can help, the SurveyCTO team has delivered a product that is unparalleled in both its reliability and the extent to which it empowers users to efficiently collect high-quality data.

What We Offer:

The technology platform trusted in thousands of projects across roughly 150 countries, SurveyCTO has become “industry standard” for large-scale impact evaluations. It has also been used as part of an expanding range of smaller-scale evaluations and M&E projects, anywhere that reliable, high-quality data collection is required. SurveyCTO can improve data quality, even when (especially when!) data collection is outsourced. Even those who use SurveyCTO for free benefit from a wide range of in-depth help topics, articles, and videos, plus community support. And those who pay for a low-cost subscription also have free access to our professional support team. This team has an average one-hour response time and is made up of actual evaluators, researchers, and other experts who can be genuinely helpful. While our model is to provide a low-cost platform with phenomenal support on an as-needed basis, we also provide turnkey consulting services, in-person trainings, webinars, and more.
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