Updated Jul 09, 2020

Autodesk  Funding

The Autodesk Foundation supports the design and creation of innovative solutions to the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges.

About Autodesk

The Autodesk Foundation is proud to support a select group of organizations making a positive impact by providing risk-tolerant capital, software, access to technology centers, and employee expertise. We don't wait for the right people to find us. In fact, we don't accept unsolicited proposals. Instead, we tap into our extensive network to uncover organizations and individuals who meet our criteria for social impact and are ready to change the world.
We champion organizations taking on humanity's biggest challenges. We seek out impact-oriented organizations—including nonprofits, social enterprises, and startups—and help them scale. We provide funding, software, training, and related support, so these organizations can maximize their impact.
Where We Work
Asia and Pacific
Europe and Eurasia
Latin America / Caribbean
North America
Middle East and North Africa
Low and Middle Income Countries
Focus Areas
Architecture, Design, Construction
Communications and Media
Disaster Risk Reduction
Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Economic Growth and Trade