Updated Apr 22, 2020

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Aerial Solutions for Last-Mile Health


Stage 5: Scaling

Vayu's aircraft carry are ready for deployment at a global scale in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Registered in Madagascarin Madagascar

Focus Areas:

Infectious & Vector Diseases, Transport & Supply Chains, Supply Chains and 3 MoreSEE ALL

Infectious & Vector Diseases, Transport & Supply Chains, Supply Chains, Health, Prevention & Vaccination and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)SEE LESS

Implemented In:

Peru, Papua New Guinea and Madagascar

Peru, Papua New Guinea and MadagascarSEE LESS

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Globally, approximately 1 billion people live without access to all-weather roads, and the lack of good roads has a direct impact on both health outcomes and economic activity. During this current COVID-19 crisis, both private laboratories as well as public health systems are experiencing a shortage of couriers who can pick up and drop off lab samples. Rural communities are most vulnerable, both because of their remote locations and the low-density distribution of healthcare providers.



Vayu's technology requires no external infrastructure. With a 5kg payload and an 800km range, Vayu's aircraft have the ability to do bi-directional delivery: both dropping off test kits while picking up lab samples un rural and remote areas, reaching the most vulnerable populations.

Target Beneficiaries

We intend to address the needs of marginalized communities and especially vulnerable populations living in rural and remote areas.

Mission and Vision

Vayu's vision is to set the standard and lead the market for safe, reliable, autonomous VTOL aircraft. Vayu's mission is to build VTOL aircraft the address the needs of underserved and vulnerable populations.


Jul 2018
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Papua New Guinea
Jun 2017
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