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Shule Direct is leveraging existing technologies to improve access to qualified, relevant and contextual digital learning content. Our mission is to improve holistic learning outcomes for children and youth in Africa through digital technology.

Shule Direct leverages existing technologies to improve access to contextual and qualified digital learning resources. We work with qualified teachers to create digitized notes, tutorials, quizzes and multimedia content. Shule Direct’s in-house team of developers develops technological solutions to deliver comprehensive curriculums on web and mobile. Our cloud based repository stores all the re...
Shule Direct leverages existing technologies to improve access to contextual and qualified digital learning resources. We work with qualified teachers to create digitized notes, tutorials, quizzes and multimedia content. Shule Direct’s in-house team of developers develops technological solutions to deliver comprehensive curriculums on web and mobile. Our cloud based repository stores all the resources, with an advanced data management system and Application Programming Interface, which allow Mobile Application; the Shule Direct web portal; and SMS Services to pull the right content for learners and teachers and deliver it to them through whatever technology they can access. A student can learn on a feature phone, a laptop or desktop PC in school, at a library or at home under the supervision of a parent/guardian. This not only gives them an opportunity to learn at their own pace but also meeting their learning needs overcoming their gender, geographical, disability, cultural or income challenges. A teacher subscribing to Shule Direct web and mobile platforms gains unlimited access to teaching tools and resources; a network of like-minded peers to learn, discuss and exchange best practices. Also on the Shule Direct teachers’ platform, teachers are able to create and publish their content ensuring the learners are able to access learning materials from multiple resources that still consider the learners’ context. Shule Direct online learning content is available free of charge
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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Shule Direct has created digitized content for Tanzania and Kenya Secondary School learners and teachers, built technological platforms to allow content creation and dissemination. Over 3,000,000 users have accessed Shule Direct platforms todate.
Registered in Tanzaniain Tanzania

Focus Areas:

Basic Education, Secondary Education, Parent & Family Engagement and 7 MoreSEE ALL

Basic Education, Secondary Education, Parent & Family Engagement, Education, Inclusion, AI, AR/VR, Soft or Life Skills, Inclusive Education and Teacher Development and TrainingSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Tanzania and Kenya

Tanzania and KenyaSEE LESS

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Over 16 million children are not in school. 7 out of 10 Secondary School teachers are absent in rural Tanzania. Every year millions of children are not able to progress to Secondary School and over 60% of those who did, fail their Secondary School national examination. Budget constraints, low family income levels, harmful traditions, gender discrimination, geographical and physical disabilities make the promise of quality education for all difficult.



Educational technology offers an effective and efficient solution to bridge the educational resources divide by providing access to qualified, local content, available to learn at an individual pace, anytime and anywhere. Shule Direct users engage with a virtual teacher and other learners and can test their subject matter comprehension over thousands of interactive quizzes. Monthly surveys inform users’ learning needs and preferences thus allowing for timely updates of Shule Direct platforms.

Target Beneficiaries

The Shule Direct solution provides access to relevant, contextual and qualified digital learning content for both in and out school youth and Secondary school teachers in Tanzania. The success of the implementation of the Shule Direct solution can improve learning outcomes which can potentially benefit the government of Tanzania in particular the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology by improving and meeting learning objectives and targets.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to ensure that every young person in Africa has access to qualified, relevant learning content, knowledge and skills; that they can access anytime and anywhere to help them realize and fulfill their potential.

Competitive Advantage

Shule Direct learning platforms develop and provide local content that is addressing market needs and filling an existing gap. We develop content in consultation with the users and the stakeholders involved in the ecosystem. This enables us to always be in demand and retain users as much as gaining new ones. Our interfaces are simple and easy to use. Emphasis is placed on a user experience that considers the digital skills level of the users and provision of content in formats that can be supported by available devices. Our solution considers users and their technology advances and not just market technology advances. We have enhanced the users’ experience with integrated artificial intelligence and video content. Shule Direct’s educational content repository and its Application Programmer’s Interface enable the organization and management of potentially massive amounts of information and resources. Content can be added and restructured without interfering with the user interface (UI).

Planned Goals and Milestones

We intend to diversify our content, expand our geographical reach and target audiences to meet different learning needs. We wish to further improve our platforms through AI to enable natural language processing capabilities for the online teacher feature which enables students and teachers to receive instant assistance over our web and mobile platforms. We are also creating new content to support Parents' and Caregivers' involvement as well as to support teachers professional development
Funding Goal1,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted6,000,000
New Implemented CountriesKenya
Recruit2 Group Management, 4 Senior Management, 8 Junior Management, 5 Entry Level
New FeatureCreating Multimedia content to enable young learners comprehend complex Science concepts; and Improving the existing online Teachers' Resource Center with relevant tools and resources for teachers; also work with the Tanzania Institute of Education to re-design a curriculum for In-Service Professional Development training for teachers. Building Ndoto App, a mobile application that will provide entrepreneurship learning content for aspiring young women entrepreneurs and also provide a market place for the women entrepreneurs to market their products and services.

The Team Behind the Innovation

The success of Shule Direct is a result of its highly motivated, multi-skilled, young and diverse team. Faraja Nyalandu, the Founder of Shule Direct, has allowed her personal experiences with alternative education to be a driving force and the vision of Shule Direct. Team members have autonomy and are given room to utilise their diverse skills to disseminate & deliver quality education through digital platforms that are responsive &interactive with the users.



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Secondary Education
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