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Barbara Campbell

Relinkglobalhealth.org is a searchable online platform designed to connect organizations providing healthcare to improve operational efficiencies and increase access to high quality healthcare.

Users can access this database three ways. One is via the relinkglobalhealth.org website and another other is from The Haiti Health Network (www.haitihealthnetwork.org) website. Both of these will take you to needs.relinkglobalhealth.org. From here, the user will see 7 categories of search : Emergency services, Specialty Services, Basic services, diagnostic imaging services, special needs se...
Users can access this database three ways. One is via the relinkglobalhealth.org website and another other is from The Haiti Health Network (www.haitihealthnetwork.org) website. Both of these will take you to needs.relinkglobalhealth.org. From here, the user will see 7 categories of search : Emergency services, Specialty Services, Basic services, diagnostic imaging services, special needs services, and supply chain needs (medications, medical equipment, and medical supplies). From this user will select what they are looking for. They can narrow searches by department (state) and village. The organization display screen shows all details of the provider including a direct link to a website if available, geo-location of the facility, and a direct link to call if using a mobile device. A healthcare professional can register for an account and edit the organization information directly. Administrators can directly print reports from capacity data on their region. Site has been developed in Php (heavy focus on html, javascript and css). The database language is Mysql. The server utilized is Apache and the code is stored in Github.
Emergency Communication

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Platform is up and running with over 1800 organizations in the database for Haiti. We have been actively using the tool to effectively and efficiently collaborate with healthcare leaders throughout Haiti. Three key HSS projects have begun throughout Haiti as a result.
Registered in Haiti as Non-Profitin Haiti as Non-Profit

Focus Areas:

Health Systems, Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Medical Devices and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Health Systems, Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Medical Devices, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Infectious & Vector Diseases, Non-communicable Diseases and Primary CareSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Haiti and Malawi

Haiti and MalawiSEE LESS

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Working in silos is very common in places like Haiti due to the everyday struggles that keep staff busy all day long. Frequently, both the general population and healthcare providers do not know how to quickly locate services for themselves or patients. In addition, valuable staff time is spent every single day, trying to refer more critical patients to the help they need. reLink Global Health was designed to address these problems and connect people to the healthcare resources they need. Whether it's a clinical need or a supply chain need of a facility, the reLink Global Health database allows you to search for what you need in your area, with key contact information at your fingertips.



The reLink Global Health tool was nimbly designed and is easy to use for both in country data collection and the end user. Our goal was to connect anyone looking for healthcare services in the target region in 3 clicks or within 3 seconds. The site is available in English, French, and Creole and simple and quick to use to locate healthcare resources ranging from diagnostic imaging, specialty services, and special needs services. The site can be utilized on mobile phones as well as desk top application.

Target Beneficiaries

We seek to serve two main audiences with this tool. Number one is the Haitian population at large to provide knowledge and quick access to all healthcare resources. Secondly, and very importantly, we seek to support the healthcare providers in Haiti. We want them to connect with their colleagues easily and we use the detailed capacity data to design and implement strategic projects that strengthen the health system within which they work. We've used the data from the database to support and connect providers in response to COVID-19 in Haiti.

Mission and Vision

Overall vision is to improve access to care by creating awareness of all options available and to improve the overall quality of care delivered by utilizing the data to design and implement practical, sustainable solutions that can be offered in the target regions.

Competitive Advantage

The best thing about reLink Global Health is its simplicity and ease of use. We've called it "Rapid Response Software". We've been able to adapt the tool to specific contexts in response to COVID-19 in a matter of days and at relatively low costs. For example, in a US context, we've been able to adapt the software to track ICU beds and ventilators. From a technology perspective, maintaining the site is low cost and easy. Whether utilizing the public interface or having an organization utilizing the administrative features, we are always hearing the site is very easy to use and provides very practical information. We are unaware of a tool that is like this, designed for both public and professional (admin) use. We'd love to see the tool used all over the world. Adding in new countries has already been considered in design and is fairly quick and easy.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We've been able to efficiently and effectively deliver much needed equipment and supplies throughout Haiti for COVID response thanks to the relink global health tool . Our virtual education program has rapidly expanded and highlighted some key needs for women and children around the availability of surfactant for premature babies and the increase in sexual violence due to lockdowns. Programs are ongoing in addressing these issues. In addition, we are adding heat mapping capabilities to the software to quickly identify healthcare service desserts in all 60+ categories mapped in Haiti.
Funding Goal200,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted150,000
New Implemented CountriesMalawi
Recruit2 management/ directors, 3 staff, 3 advisors, 15 volunteers
New FeatureAbility to download and display detailed capacity data for healthcare facilities in a given region

The Team Behind the Innovation

We are very fortunate to have a small but mighty and committed team. Our software development team is led by a female Asian American woman, Jung Shan Lee with a passion for global health and excellence in her work. We could not do what we do without her leadership. Our Haitian team is led by Marie-Claire Charles who received her MBA in the US and has returned to help strengthen healthcare in Haiti. We also value the expertise and guidance from our chairman Ray Dalton. His years of experience and strategic thinking are vital for our impact.



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Used info from database to quickly distribute 225 kits to healthcare providers and facilities to prep for COVID-19
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Addition of capacity data
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