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The NeedsList software aggregates and matches needs and offers in real-time to foster collaboration between stakeholders, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

NeedsList is no stranger to crises that affect communities across borders and demographics. Since 2016, we have been developing and deploying crisis response tools to aggregate needs and offers in real-time. Our solutions have been used by the government, nonprofit and business sectors in over 20 countries and across multiple crises, and COVID-19—while different in its scale and global reach—demands a similar response effort. Our tools have facilitated over $2m in resources to hundreds of nonprofits in 20 countries and have been used for everything from refugee aid workers in Greece and Uganda to wildfire responders in Sonoma County. With over four years of experience building crisis response tools, we already have expertise and the technical infrastructure that can form the backbone for coordinating needs and offers across any geography for COVID-19.
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Focus Areas:

Displaced Persons & Migration Management, Disaster Risk Reduction and Health Systems

Displaced Persons & Migration Management, Disaster Risk Reduction and Health SystemsSEE LESS

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United States, Canada, Uganda and 3 MoreSEE ALL

United States, Canada, Uganda, Bahamas, The, Kenya and FranceSEE LESS

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When crisis hits, nobody knows what's needed where, leading to massive waste and inefficiency.



In the past week we’ve been receiving an increasing number of inbound requests looking for help, from vulnerable communities that need supplies and services, and from companies that are looking for a way to donate their products and services, and volunteer talent. We’re already testing the platform with Aviation WIthout Borders, and are about to begin a second deployment with the CORE Group, an umbrella network coordinating a range of community health actors, including private sector, NGO partners, and global partners. We want to make our toolsets free for the CORE Group, nonprofits and small businesses for as long as possible during this time of crisis. We’re a small team at NeedsList. In order to ramp up our tech while offering customized support matching needs to offers, we are looking for the financial support to allow us to: - Quickly scale our tech stack and customer service to respond to the influx of demand and avoid lengthy contract negotiations. - Support offline matching of needs to resources, logistics, and procurement, especially for vulnerable populations. - Provide our partners with marketing and outreach support to quickly deploy NeedsList within their communities.

Target Beneficiaries

Anyone coordinating crisis response. This includes government, private sector, NGOs and CSOs. Ours is a multisector solution.

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