Updated Jul 06, 2020

#MeWeSyria, #MeWeMexico, #MeWeHonduras, #MeWeUSA

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Mohsin Mohi ud din

#MeWeIntl is a methodology and training network that provides communications skills and narrative intervention tools for improving psychological wellbeing, leadership skills, and community engagement.

Enabling Community and Connection

Stage 5: Scaling

With the success of the #MeWeSyria program in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon, #MeWeIntl programming is now supporting at-risk youth and migrants in Mexico (#MeWeMexico), Honduras (#MeWeHonduras), and the United States, (#MeWeTexas).
Registered in United States as Non-Profitin United States as Non-Profit

Focus Areas:

Communication with Communities, Mental Health, Resilience and 3 MoreSEE ALL

Communication with Communities, Mental Health, Resilience, Refugees, Displaced Persons & Migration Management and Leadership DevelopmentSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and 6 MoreSEE ALL

Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Ecuador, Moldova, Mexico, Honduras, Tajikistan and United StatesSEE LESS

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#MeWeIntl believes the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shapes how we engage with ourselves, each other, and the world. What happens, if your life—your story— is displaced by war, climate, change, violence, and poverty? In this context, the arrested development on the outside, arrests the narratives of self within. This translates to diminished agency, threats to mental health, isolation, and community fragmentation.



#MeWeSyria, #MeWeMexico, #MeWeHonduras, and other #MeWeIntl programs restore agency and community-healing through communication skills-building anchored to neuroscience, mental health/psychosocial support, and storytelling. #MeWeIntl’s programs are both a methodology and training network led by people from within the affected community. Refugee facilitation teams in #MeWeSyria for instance, are trained by #MeWeIntl and provided capacity trainings and resources lead their own #MeWeSyria hubs.

Mission and Vision

Our worlds are shaped by the stories we tell. #MeWeIntl’s mission is to provide communications tools that enable every individual to unlock their agency, reframe their narratives, and author the future. It is the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves that shape how we treat ourselves, each other, and our world. But forces seemingly beyond our control have trained us to believe that external narratives are truer and more powerful than those created within. We are committed to the belief that every individual has the right to author and reframe the narratives they live and operate in. The #MeWeIntl method and training network equips people with communications tools to break down silence and isolation, spark healing and hope, and exercise agency and leadership that will transform their world.
Funding Goal5,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted8,000
New FeatureVirtual curriculum and training of trainers interventions


Jul 2020
New Country Implemented In
United States and Turkey
Jun 2020
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Piloting of virtual #MeWeIntl engagements during COVD19 in Turkey, Jordan, Germany, Mexico, Honduras and Texas
May 2020
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Nov 2016
New Country Implemented In
Lebanon and Turkey
Jun 2014
New Country Implemented In
Jan 2020