Updated May 06, 2020

Eliminating Hepatitis in Pakistan Slums through “HepCByeBye” Cloud-Based Technology & Female-Led Community Health Workers


Nabil Ahmed

Through pairing innovative cloud-based technology and female-led, evidence-based CHW model, Integral Global is reducing HCV burden in Islamabad, Pakistan slums by eliminating barriers and treatment fall-out and facilitating same-day curative care.

This program pairs well-established CHW models with novel technology. A home-based screening methodology is applied, as CHWs go door to door conducting questionnaires. More than 70% of the CHWs employed are female and all are members of the community they serve. When an individual screens high-risk, rapid diagnostic testing is then immediately performed by the community health worker. Individua...
This program pairs well-established CHW models with novel technology. A home-based screening methodology is applied, as CHWs go door to door conducting questionnaires. More than 70% of the CHWs employed are female and all are members of the community they serve. When an individual screens high-risk, rapid diagnostic testing is then immediately performed by the community health worker. Individuals screening positive are directly referred to the clinic for confirmatory testing. Within two hours, status can be confirmed, and curative treatments are initiated immediately. While CHW models alone are not novel, the combination of female empowerment programming and tablet-based data collection systems through cloud-based technology has successfully created an original approach in community-based screening and treatment programming for the elimination of HCV. Additionally, the level of data being captured has never been accomplished before in country. Furthermore, education and awareness messaging are infused throughout programming and protocols utilized by CHWs to ensure prevention and treatment awareness. At every point in this program, CHWs are engaging with these data collection systems. These systems have had tremendous impact in not only reducing treatment fall-out and enhancing programmatic reach, but also have played a critical role in filling a data gap that has previously been a barrier to the Government's creation of directed interventions.
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Stage 5: Scaling

The program utilizes a female CHWs model trained to collect data on a cloud-based system for screening and referral in 17 under-served communities (“slums”) within the Islamabad Capital Territory with a population of more than 100000 individuals.

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HCV is a preventable and curable disease. With Pakistan carrying the burden of the 2nd highest prevalence of HCV globally and an estimated 12 million people suffering, the country declared viral hepatitis a national emergency in 2017. This innovation, led by Integral Global and the University of Maryland, supports the goal of HCV elimination by employing a novel, cloud-based program, supporting female CHWs in reaching patients and ensuring continued access to curative treatment.



Through a cloud-based system, female-led CHW groups enter and refer to real-time data that supports critical follow-up and continuity of care. Fall-out is a barrier in elimination, especially in vulnerable populations. Our program employs a same-day, test & treat model where patients screening positive are immediately referred for definitive testing & treatment initiation. Pairing novel technology alongside CHW and female empowerment programs has eliminated fallout & increased curative results.

Target Beneficiaries

Hard-to-reach and vulnerable communities, such as slums, are often deprioritized by partners as a result of the significant challenges faced in these areas. Our model focuses on engaging these communities through the empowerment of female CHWs and is grounded in technology forward programming. This program is providing point-of-care testing and treatment in 17 underserved slums of Islamabad covering a population of more than100000, including all individuals over 12 years old.

Mission and Vision

The mission is to expand innovative data-collection system and empower female CHWs to support HCV elimination. This community-based model, with a cloud-based system, holds the vision of meeting communities where they are, to directly impact quality of life. Through the simplification of testing & treatment, alongside the dissemination of prevention & treatment education, we are developing infrastructure, ultimately curing >95% of cases, and creating a standard for care and data collection.

Competitive Advantage

This program is the first of its kind, where cloud-based technology has been paired with female-led community health worker models to cure and eliminate HCV in slums in Islamabad, Pakistan. Based on the GoP National Hepatitis Strategic Framework, this project directs efforts completely towards meeting communities where they are and ensuring best practices and outcomes through same-day screen and treat approaches. Cure is ensured through strategic CHW-led follow-up mechanisms that are supported through advanced data collection technology. This project has also established a secondary health facility, located within 5km from target communities, that supports targeting the general population for screening, testing and treatment as a result of lack of prevalence and true incidence data. Ensuring that everyone is screened is essential in truly eliminating HCV in Pakistan.

Planned Goals and Milestones

As a result of such successful outcomes and reduction of disease burden, the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination has approached Integral Global to replicate and expand this program to the provincial territories. This expanded program will also include the integration of further infectious and non-communicable diseases. Ultimately, the government and Integral Global hope to expand this program, empowering females and employing innovative technology, country wide.
RecruitOur goal is to continue expanding across the numerous provinces of Pakistan, which will require the support of provincial-level governmental health agencies, community health workers, phlebotomists, data analysts, and other key players.
New FeatureIncorporation of other diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, into the community health worker model as well as being able to capture a broader range of health data – something that has never been accomplished in Pakistan previously.

The Team Behind the Innovation

Dr. Huma Qureshi is a consultant gastroenterologist focused on liver diseases and she has been a leading health researcher since 1981, serving in key positions like Secretary of the National Bioethics Committee & Hepatitis Technical Advisory Group. Nabil Ahmed has 20 years of public health experience, which includes serving as CDC Advisor for Field Epidemiology Training Programs around the globe & working on Pakistan’s Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Females constitute 70% of the CHW team.



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