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BornFyne Mobile Application

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Miriam Nkangu

BornFyne means safe delivery. BornFyne connects pregnant women to their doctors especially during emergencies via a prenatal management system, empowers rural non literate women and communities in communicating health needs and make informed choices.

BornFyne is an interative system that supports the delivery of clinical care at primary care, health centers, district hospitals and facilitates referrals to regional hospitals and emergency using*GIS features. BornFyne has six icons connected to a web-based prenatal management system(PNMS).Women or patients can get registered at the health facility by a provider or at home and a unique code is...
BornFyne is an interative system that supports the delivery of clinical care at primary care, health centers, district hospitals and facilitates referrals to regional hospitals and emergency using*GIS features. BornFyne has six icons connected to a web-based prenatal management system(PNMS).Women or patients can get registered at the health facility by a provider or at home and a unique code is assigned automatically to identify patient and track their records through out in the database for each service or activity perform to the patient. Data is collected in real time and PNMS flags high risk patient for follow up. Sends personalized health and educational messages,educate and empower. Secures health records for continuity of care. Core implementation aspect of BornFyne engages the Ministry of Health--District Medical Officers and stakeholders from the onset, public private partnership, telecom companies and local transport system. World Solar Fund donated 140 solar chargers to empower women, as a key partner. Provision of solar chargers ensure sustained energy for the phones and good light source versus using fuel lanterns which increase the risk of low birth weight. Support prevention and health promotional messages offline in various languages. BornFyne has the potential to collect data on COVID19 related information from patient and upload to the system for monitoring and decision making both at health facility and remotely from their homes.

Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Proof of concept is funded by Grand Challenges Canada in Bali district in Cameroon.https://www.grandchallenges.ca/grantee-stars/1808-16602/. Project feasibility study at http://apps.who.int/trialsearch/Trial2.aspx?TrialID=PACTR201808703097367
Registered in Cameroon as Other, in Canadain Cameroon as Other, in Canada

Focus Areas:

Evidence & Impact, Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Gender and 17 MoreSEE ALL

Evidence & Impact, Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Gender, Gender Equity, Workforce Development, Social and Behavior Change, Economic Empowerment, Health Systems, Primary Care, Human Powered Transport, Digital Development, Public-Private Partnerships, Technology, Sexual and Reproductive Health, GIS/Mapping, Communication with Communities, Literacy, Health, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and Monitoring & EvaluationSEE LESS

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CameroonSEE LESS

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In Cameroon, poor rural woman suffer inequitably from preventable, ill-health and death due to maternal related causes with maternal mortality at 596/100,000 lives birth (WHO,2016).Rural women, especially those with no formal education,are the most affected,with impeding access to care, information and social barriers especially during emergencies like COVID19. Poor referrals,poor emergency services during pregnancy.Existing mobile applications is challenged in utilization by non literate group



BornFyne-Prenatal management system connects pregnant women and individuals in need to their doctors and health facility.Overcome social and communication barriers with use of graphics.Providing remote access during emergency using geonavigation and geolocalization support systems to respond, track and monitor district, regional activities.Collect timely data remotely from both patient and facility to inform rapid decision making.Provide personalized health education and reminder messages.

Target Beneficiaries

All age group, women of reproductive age from 15-49+ and newborns(track vaccination) with improved quality of care through out life, including men. Enhanced equity for non literate population in utilization of mobile app, address social and communication barriers.Health providers-- improves quality of RMNCH care -boost quality indicators of performance-based financing program. Transport system for emergency services--empower local transporters with powered GPS services, flags at risk pregnancy

Mission and Vision

To strengthened human well being by providing innovative approaches to help pregnant women,communities, and population at large especially in rural areas with remote access to basic, timely and urgent care and information especially during emergencies.Strengthened prevention and promotional activities at primary health care, facilitate referrals and emergencies.Reduced mortality and morbidity one district at a time and improve response strategies in crisis situation towards achieving SDGs.

Competitive Advantage

BornFyne is a novel interative platform. Enhanced equity in literacy by using graphics to connect and communicate with providers. Far reaching effects of connecting user and provider in time of emergency using GIS. Comprehensive platform integrated within the district health delivery system. Boosted the quality of care for providers and district performance, remoteness, timely data collection, complimented the newly adopted performance-based financing(PBF) program in Cameroon. This led to the PBF team at the regional level to support for the training of all health care providers in the control district. BornFyne demonstrated quality control synergy with the DHIS2-- a platform used across Africa.Our integrated innovation empowers women,strengthen health system and advances the sustainable development goals #3(health and welbeing),#5(gender equality),#7(affordable energy),#10(enhanced equity), #17(innovative partnerships).Trademark registration --Canada and Cameroon(OAPI)

Planned Goals and Milestones

We need support to further validate the PNMS platform, emergency communication,policy relevant and data driven activities that our innovation supports in responding to quality RMNCH. Support to enhance performance and quality of care by transforming RMNCH paper vouchers in the French zones to e-vouchers.Support and facilitate health financing activities like PBF, within health districts towards achieving universal health coverage.With support,we planned to implement in Trans Nzaio county,Kenya.
Funding Goal6,500,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted6,000,000
New Implemented CountriesKenya
Recruit14 management, 4 Advisors, 3 board, 300+ volunteers
New FeatureRefinement, Capacity building monitoring and evaluation

The Team Behind the Innovation

Multidisciplinary team members including researchers and experts in Epidemiology, medical doctors, social scientist and population health experts,IT software developer, maternal health experts. Most team members have worked in the context as medical practitioner and public health expert.The BornFyne team lead who is also a Grand Challenges Canada Innovator is a female and has worked in Cameroon. A district medical officer is also part of the team and the IT expert is originally from Cameroon.



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TITLEUsing targeted e-voucher and mobile phone technology as a tool in addressing maternal mortality and reproductive health amongst rural poor women in Cameroon
Maternal Newborn and Child Health and Sexual and Reproductive Health
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