Updated Jul 02, 2020

Yolo COVID-19 Relief Fund: Front-Line Response Grant

In this time of need, it is critical to support the organizations who are providing crisis care for our community. The Foundation is accepting applications on a rolling basis; as funds are limited, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Funding will be provided to organizations that are addressing critical community needs that have been created or increased by the COVID-19 crisis.
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Open Year RoundDeadline
$10,000 - $30,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
CountryUnited States
Focus AreasHealth
Grants are open to 501(c)3 nonprofits serving Yolo County residents in good standing with the IRS (or programs fiscally sponsored by such organizations). If the program is part of a larger effort that extends beyond the county, grantee must demonstrate that all funds from this grant are spent for the benefit of Yolo County residents.

Nonprofits must be serving a public purpose or public need.

Businesses and individuals are not eligible at this time, however grants to nonprofits that provide direct financial assistance to individuals or businesses can be awarded.

Nonprofits must have (or be willing to create) a financial policy including the following financial controls: 1) Check writing process that includes at least two separate signatures (e.g., one on check and one on check request or two signatures on check), 2) Regular review of bank statements by Finance Committee, Treasurer, or Chair, 3) Regular review of monthly financial statements by Board of Directors, and 4) Approval of annual budget by Board of Directors.

The Yolo COVID-19 Relief Fund seeks to support organizations that are addressing critical community needs that have been created or increased by the COVID-19 crisis. Examples might include (but are certainly not limited to) organizations working to ensure our health care workers can work (e.g., by providing PPE or childcare to essential workers), those working to ensure that vulnerable community members have access to health care and health education, those working to address the economic fall-out created by this crisis (e.g., providing food, shelter, or cash assistance), those working to ensure the safety of those sheltering at home (e.g., through mental health programming or domestic violence prevention), and those working to ensure that vulnerable students are able to learn at home.

Grants will be reviewed with the following criteria in mind: 1) Based on our community’s current needs, how critical are the needs this organization is currently addressing? 2) How effectively is this organization addressing those needs? 3) How many Yolo residents are being served by this organization?

Other Requirements

Reporting Requirements
The grantee will provide a final report summarizing programming offered in response to the COVID-19 crisis and, as possible, the outcomes of that programming. Our target due date for that report is November 1, but we will reevaluate that date based on the status of the crisis closer to that time. We will provide a template closer to that date, which will be developed with the goal of minimizing the burden of data collecting and report preparation.
The following activities are not eligible for grants:
• Activities that promote a religious doctrine or require participants to be members of a denomination
• Academic or medical research
• Funding to schools and public agencies that would supplant tax-supported, mandated services
• Annual fundraising campaigns or events
• Creation of, or addition to, endowment funds
• Payment of debt or legal settlements
• Political or partisan purposes
• Sponsorships

Application Directions

To submit your application, please email it to grants@yolocf.org.


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