Updated Apr 07, 2020

Open Road Alliance Response to COVID-19 Lost Event Revenue Loan

Offered by Open Road Alliance

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the impact sector has reached natural disaster proportions in its scope and scale, which means that the global need for our ‘emergency’ capital vastly outstrips our available resources. Given this reality, we have decided to use our limited resources to best serve the sector under the following circumstances.

Open Road will offer a one-time, fixed, low-interest, $50,000 loan to organizations that are rescheduling/postponing their fundraising events until later this year.

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Open Year RoundDeadline
Up to $50,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionAfrica, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America / Caribbean, North America, Middle East and North Africa and Low and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasInfectious & Vector Diseases (Health)

To be eligible, the event in question must:

  • Be postponed – not cancelled
  • Have a new, confirmed date with appropriate confirmations from venue, host committee, etc.
  • Have a track record of successful fundraising performance in the past two years

Other Requirements

Financial Statements

Loan criteria and terms include:

  • $50,000 loan to organizations with annual revenues of $1 million or less
  • 1-2% simple interest
  • Final principal repayment due by December 31, 2020

Application Directions

Applications can be submitted directly online

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