Updated Jun 24, 2020


Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) in Ethiopia are relatively young and have substantial room for development, which presents both challenges and opportunities that should be properly addressed in order to develop a sector which in turn will contribute to the development of the SME sector and business environment in general.

The majority of BMOs face serious challenges, which are due both to the overall economic situation and environment in Ethiopia, and to weaknesses of the BMOs and their sector. To this end, Initiative Africa is announcing a small grants program called Innovative Grant Fund (IGF) to provide services to the respective businesses and/or represent their interests through lobbying and other means. IA will award grants to BMOs working to remedy the existing challenges and weaknesses in promoting entrepreneurs’ business interest and supporting development of business environment overall.

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Jul 31, 2020Deadline

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
Focus AreasEntrepreneurship (Economic Growth and Trade)
Leadership Development (Economic Growth and Trade)
Economic Empowerment (Gender)
Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) (Education)

The following are minimum eligibility requirements when considering grant applications from IGF:

• Be an organization registered with Agency for Civil Society Organization and/or similar

Governmental Body.

  • • Have a 2 year audit reports.
  • • Have a functioning board with latest minutes of meetings and
  • • Registered office address

Other Requirements

Reporting Requirements

Grantees will be expected to meet IA’s requirements for a final financial and narrative report and evaluation data, as well as be willing and available to talk with the program evaluation team staff and when requested.


Application Directions

Submit grant application, including required attachments, through our online application system.


Apply on Funding Site