Updated Jul 23, 2020


The results caused by the COVID-19 outbreak are unimaginable and unpredictable yet, but we are already feeling the drastic effects. Richard Kozul-Wright, Director of the UNCTAD, estimates an impact that will cost the world economy around $1 trillion, expecting the worst scenario than the financial collapse in 2008.

Propose a visionary project that helps to revive the economy of a region, city or community affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

In a perfect harmony of architecture, economy and environment, the competition aims to generate visionary ideas that mark the after the pandemic and inspire different organisations to draw up a “PLAN B” for the world economy.

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Aug 21, 2020Deadline
$509 - $1,900Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionAfrica, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America / Caribbean, North America, Middle East and North Africa and Low and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasEconomic Recovery (Humanitarian Assistance)
Architecture, Design, Construction (Housing and Infrastructure)
Infectious & Vector Diseases (Health)

Project principles.

  • (A) Competition is open to all, and no professional qualification is required.
  • (B) Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum).
  • (C) Designs can be of any program, any scale, and on any site. Participants are free to experiment and explore the subject.
  • (D) The architectural concept helps to reactivate the economy from specific region, city or community.
  • (E) The proposal address one or more solutions for economic problems that emerged from the COVID-19 outbreak (e.g., jobs generation, unemployment, housing, reactivation for sectors like tourism, cultural or sports, support local business and entrepreneurs, macro-solutions for public spaces, etc).

Application Directions

All submissions must be sent to: submission@theark.design.
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