Updated Sep 02, 2020

China-IFAD South-South and Triangular Cooperation Facility: Third Call for Proposals

Offered by International Fund for Agricultural Development

As part of IFAD’s strategic response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Facility will support the generation and exchange of innovative solutions, approaches and methodologies that can be of value in the post-COVID-19 recovery period, and that can be subsequently scaled up and benefit a wider population of poor rural people. The four main areas for financing in this call will include:
  • - Strengthening the capacities of farmers and their organizations to enhance resilience against disasters, including establishing fast-maturing alternative agricultural and rural enterprises, maintaining and producing sufficient and high quality yields.
  • - Facilitating access to markets in conditions of specific barriers in a given context, including facilitating safe and hygienic transport, and working to ensure markets remain open and that demand remains high.
  • - Delivering up-to-date agriculture-related information to smallholder producers on production, weather, market prices and other important areas in rural areas through digital services.
  • - Building trade capacities through provision of technologies and services that enable smallholder producers to meet quality and sanitary standards of overseas markets.
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Oct 31, 2020Deadline
Up to $500,000Amount

Mandatory Requirements

Implemented In:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasAgriculture
Infectious & Vector Diseases (Health)
Humanitarian Assistance

Eligible Recipients. The following types of organizations will be eligible for funding, provided they are working in the agriculture and rural sectors, and are directly involved in rural transformation activities. They shall be considered as partners of strategic relevance in light of IFAD's mandate. In addition, the following criteria should be met:

1) Government organizations, such as ministries and departments of thegovernments:

  • • Must be from a developing Member State of IFAD.

2) Non-profit organizations, such as research institutes, universities, NGOs, community-based organizations:

  • • Must be registered in a developing Member State of IFAD; and
  • • Be able to provide evidence of legal status and capacity to enter into a grant agreement.

3) Business organizations, such as public or private companies:

  • • Must be registered in a developing Member State of IFAD; and
  • • Be able to provide evidence of legal status and capacity to enter into a grant agreement; and
  • • Will provide co-financing in cash and/or in kind to the project.

4) UN organizations, multilateral organizations and inter-government organizations:

  • • Must be operational at the country level of a developing Member State of IFAD; and
  • • Will partner with at least one eligible organization listed above to implement the project; and
  • • Will pool their financial and human resources into a consortium – each within the context of their mission and specific value-added – to reach the expected results of the project.

Other Requirements

Reporting RequirementsEach recipient will be required to provide to the Facility Secretariat a project completion report summarizing the achievements and the breakdown of the utilization of the funds, within three months of completion of the project. The template of the project completion report will be issued to all recipients in due course. REQUIRED

Application Directions

All application materials may be sent by email.


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