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Innovations Showcased August 18, 2020 

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Creating a culture of resilience and empowerment through neighbors helping neighbors during COVID-19.
The AtmaGo app was created to empower communities that are disproportionately affected by disasters and humanitarian crises. During COVID-19, Users are able to track cases of COVID-19, share government regulations, and stop the spread of misinformation. The goal of AtmaGo is to save lives from COVID-19 by developing community-centered communication for behavior change in order to provide sufficient health infrastructure and knowledge to vulnerable communities. This app is currently in Indonesia and Puerto Rico and expected to expand to Vietnam. Users in Yogyakarta, Indonesia created a Task Force that uses AtmaGo to amplify information, schedule events, and recruit volunteers to help slow the spread of the pandemic in their local community. They most recently partnered with Upwork to receive the Work Together Grant and were featured on the Amazon Web Services Public Sector Blog as an organization building an application that delivers lifesaving information when communities need it most.
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Audiopedia is a free resource of localized expert audio contents about health, nutrition, child care, family planning, agriculture and much more.
Audiopedia aims to provide health education and life skills to every rural woman in the world. It is a resource of expert audio contents about health, nutrition, child care, family planning, agriculture, and more. Audiopedia is a freely accessible, solar-powered player that works with both smart and feature phones. Educating marginalized women using audio has been viewed as a feasible endeavor that yields excellent results, as shown in their successful pilot projects in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nicaragua and the Congo.
In response to COVID-19, Audiopedia has used it’s messaging platform and launched "The Corona WhatsApp Audio Campaign" to provide vital knowledge about COVID-19 to marginalized populations in order to protect them and their families. This solution enables users in the poorest countries, particularly women and girls, to be on the frontlines of response and provide knowledge about symptoms, transmission, and prevention of COVID-19. Audiopedia was named one of 9 winners of the #SmartDevelopmentHack! With #SmartDevelopmentHack the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) called for innovative digital solutions to tackle the challenges caused by the coronavirus outbreak in low- and middle-income countries.
COVID-19 Expert Helpdesk
Our objective is to accelerate learning about strategies to combat COVID-19 and minimize its impact on society by providing access to world-class experts.
The COVID-19 Expert Helpdesk enables decision-makers across the globe to tap into expertise from qualified professionals on any topic related to the pandemic response, anywhere in the world, within hours. The panel of experts are rapidly expanding and includes leaders in the fields of global health, epidemiology, crisis management, and risk communication. These global experts provide consultation regarding COVID-10 risk assessment, risk communication, and risk adaptation. The goal is to make the Helpdesk available to any organization that needs assistance in responding to COVID-19 at the lowest possible cost.
Helpdesk customers can ask any questions they have related to COVID-19 and can be introduced to an expert on that topic who is ready to jump in and start helping. Consultations can be conducted over the phone, usually within two days of the initial request. While some experts charge for their services, others provide their services pro bono.
GAIA Mobile Health Clinics
GAIA's mobile clinics provide access to critical healthcare at the far end of the road in rural Southern Africa and build the capacity of the local healthcare systems.
GAIA’s COVID-19 response is centered in Malawi, as high rates of poverty, HIV infection, and population density leaves this region vulnerable to the coronavirus. A majority of the Malawian population could become infected with COVID-19 over the next year, and a significant portion of people could die directly from the virus. Malawi’s fragile healthcare system is simply not capable of handling an epidemic of this magnitude. With support from the Clara Lionel Foundation and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, GAIA’s Community-Based HIV Testing Services is working with mobile clinics to manage the anticipated spread of COVID-19 in the Mulanje and Phalombe districts of Malawi.
Bridge International Academies
Bridge@home is an integrated multi channel learning programme designed to ensure that millions of children can continue to learn remotely while schools are closed.

Bridge International’s Bridge@Home has provided remote learning tools, such as digital storybooks and measured learning outcomes in India, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, and Uganda. Each school plan is country-specific, based upon the specific national curriculum that reflects the content that children would be learning if they were in school. Each week, Bridge provides the following resources for each grade: a daily plan with goals, vocabulary, and activities for each core subject; a suggested digital storybook to read with each child; and a nightly homework assignment. To implement and maintain this support, Bridge partners with governments—local and national—to improve nurseries and primary schools and to work together to increase education quality, raise teaching capacity, and develop independent, confident and literate children.
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