Innovators across the globe are helping address COVID-19 with their existing or new innovations across 12 categories. 100s of them have shared their COVID-19 activities. We are closely reviewing, and hand-picking a new selection of innovations regularly.

Innovations Showcased November 6, 2020 

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Kisomo Smartlearn
The first video-based digital learning app with local content with HD videos, 3D/2D animations & audio. Kisomo App will provide an opportunity for the 12 Million secondary school learners across East Africa to stay safe from COVID-19 by accessing all their learning needs online.

Kisomo Smartlearn is an easy to use mobile and web application with more than 1,000 multimedia content that is easily accessible to secondary school learners in East Africa. This curriculum is curated, interactive, and relevant to the local context in Eastern Africa. Kisomo App understands that during COVID-19 students need immediate, reliable, and accessible learning solutions to support self-study while remaining safe in isolation. Kisomo App will provide an opportunity for the 12 Million secondary school learners across East Africa to stay safe from COVID-19 by accessing all their learning needs online.
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Needs Map - İhtiyaç Haritası
Needs Map, with its peer to peer map-based data platform, makes humanitarian aid delivery possible.

Needs Map is an online platform that connects institutions and people based on specific needs both locally and nationally throughout Turkey. Needs Map is a voluntary based system that aids in providing social solutions through non-monetary assistance. Through this, Needs Map aims to mobilize and connect local agents to support their own neighborhoods and local communities in areas of education, transportation, or healthcare services.
To help tackle social problems caused by Covid-19, Needs Map has launched both the “Get a Computer” and “Computer from You, Continued Education for Students” campaigns. In cooperation with the support of Bilgi University and Community Volunteers Foundation, the Get a Computer Campaign aims to determine the computer needs of university students and connect them with local supporters interested in helping. Due to the transition to distance learning under Covid-19 conditions, many high school students do not own a computer or tablet at home to follow their lessons and classes. The Computer from You, Continued Education for Students Campaign was launched by Needs Map to determine the technology-based needs of high school students in order to match them with local supporters who can provide assistance in acquiring these tools.
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One Acre Fund - COVID-19 Response
Financing and Services for Smallholder Farmers

One Acre Fund serves smallholder farmers to help make them more prosperous. One Acre Fund is mobilizing its rural infrastructure to address the multiple layers of the COVID-19 crisis — focusing in particular on health, nutrition, and financial strain. For health, staff and clients are being trained to reduce disease transmission. For hunger, One Acre Fund is accelerating the digitization of their core model to ensure continued support of farm productivity while respecting social distancing norms. For financial strain, they are exploring mechanisms to forgive farmer loans or provide flexible deferment. The Fund’s field teams continue to train farmers on COVID-19 preventive measures. Field officers in Kenya, Zambia, and Burundi are demonstrating to farmers how to set up tippy tap hand washing stations given the importance of handwashing.See Innovation

piClinic Console
Affordable, sustainable patient-record automation for limited-resource clinics.
The piClinic Console systems enable clinics with limited resources to collect and report public healthcare data quickly and accurately. piClinic field-tested systems fill the gap between a paper-based patient record system and a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR) system at a very low cost per system. As the world experiences a global pandemic, the need for fast and accurate health data collection to inform public health decisions is more critical than ever. piClinic Console systems enable clinics with limited resources to collect and report public healthcare data quickly and accurately. Future development will continue to evaluate new features and emerging technologies to maintain the lowest system cost and the highest utility to the clinics.
Overall, piClinic console will improve the efficiency of a clinic and make it possible for the clinic to see more patients without requiring more staff, as well as improve access to a clinic’s information to help the clinic find new ways to make the best use of their limited resources.See Innovation

Mapping the Emerging Economy, One Merchant at a TimeAn end-to-end crowd-sourcing platform for mapping and retail insights across the emerging world.
POKET is an end-to-end crowdsourcing platform for mapping and retail insights by creating a consensus-driven registry of undocumented places in the emerging world. Using an Android application, POKET combines AI and distributed ledger technology to drive new, previously undiscoverable insights into unmapped and undocumented areas. By incentivizing users to propose and verify points of interest around them, POKET creates a curated map or registry of new places and points of interest for industries like financial services, government institutions, and consumer-packaged goods companies. In 2019, POKET completed a successful pilot in Lagos, Nigeria, and was able to map ~1000 pharmacies/chemist shops using the crowdsourcing platform. With the COVID-19 pandemic at large, POKET’s goal is to map out every hospital, chemist, and pharmacy in Lagos.
Reach52 radically transforms delivery models for primary care in rural and remote areas of LMICs using a digital public health approach, building next generation systems for the 52% who can’t currently access essential health services.
Reach52 uses digital health, community empowerment, and innovative public-private partnerships to deliver affordable health services in areas where access is low or non-existent. Working with governments, multi-laterals, and development agencies, reach52 equips members of the community as Access Managers who use offline-first apps to provide health support and access to primary healthcare services.
In response to COVID-19, reach52 has developed an Information and Symptom Checker app for communities in lower-income countries. This app is a simple-to-use chatbot based on approved guidelines and available to use free through Facebook and Facebook Messenger. reach52 has acted quickly to accelerate new and existing digital services to combat the virus in rural Asia through the strengthening of primary health systems. By collecting data about health needs and COVID-19 risk factors, reach52 has enabled surveillance and case tracking. Their risk algorithm was applied to population data to identify ‘at risk’ patients, and are now working with governments to deliver targeted interventions. Reach52 joined over 18,000 innovations for the #BuildforCOVID19 global online hackathon organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), Facebook, and Microsoft. reach52’s COVID-19 solutions were amongst the top projects highlighted by the panel (based on their viability and scalability).
For more information on reach52’s COVID-19 responses and solutions:
Rocket Health
Connecting People to Health services through Digital Solutions.

Rocket Health provides telemedicine services in Uganda, including phone consultations with doctors, lab sample pick-ups and tests, pharmacy deliveries, and vaccinations at home. Rocket Health’s strategic partnerships with Safe Boda, Xente App, and MTN Pulse is aimed at increasing Rocket Health’s service points and enables users on the different platforms to identify the best available prices on certain pharmaceutical and personal care products and arrange for home delivery, all in one seamless transaction. In response to COVID-19, Rocket Health is already supporting the Uganda Ministry of Health through its telemedicine services with remote teleconsultations for the population. It also provides digital consultations to patients who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.SEE INNOVATION
Scaling askNivi
Scaling askNivi as a social vaccine: High quality, targeted health information for effective response to COVID-19 pandemic and misinformation.
Nivi empowers individuals by delivering accurate, trusted, and timely health information, as well as referrals to health products and services, through conversations enhanced by artificial intelligence.

Nivi was born out of the idea that family planning should be simple to understand, access, and use. askNivi provides a free, friendly, and confidential platform for individuals to ask about contraceptives and sexual health and get directed to a nearby health facility.
In May 2020, Nivi pivoted its innovation in response to COVID-19 and launched a global coronavirus Facebook messenger chat platform. askNivi set up an “askNivi Coronavirus Info” platform that will be accessible via Facebook Messenger to anyone in the world. Initially, the conversations will only be available in English, but Nivi is actively seeking partners working at the national level in one or more countries that would like to make askNivi’s COVID-19 available in additional languages. Nivi aims to monitor trends with scientific surveying to survey a representative sample of askNivi users from across the country about their household’s health status and perceptions of the pandemic. Nivi will monitor trends over time as well as analyzing differences in demographic groups by gender, age, and urban/rural status.See Innovation
Shule Direct
With a mission to improve holistic learning outcomes for children and youth in Africa through digital technology, Shule Direct is leveraging existing technologies to improve access to qualified, relevant and contextual digital learning content.

Shule Direct is a social enterprise that creates digital education content via web and mobile platforms for students, teachers, and communities in Tanzania and Kenya. Along with their Student Web and Mobile App services, which serve as supplementary educational content for students and teachers in Tanzania, Shule Direct also provides other products such as NDOTO Hub, Educational Content Repository (API), Learning Management System, and Makini SMS. These services respectively provide entrepreneurship and leadership development workspaces, data management systems for educational content, offline access to secondary school curriculums and content creation, and mobile revision platforms where students can ask questions and receive real-time responses. During COVID-19, these resources enable students to maintain their education through independent learning online.
In March, Shule Direct’s Founder and CEO, Faraja Nyalandu, was selected as a Young Global Leader Class of 2020 by the World Economic Forum. She has also been recognized and awarded as one of the 100 most influential young Africans by Africa Youth Awards that highlight the continent's young achievers and change-makers.SEE INNOVATION
THINKMD's COVID-19 Home-Based Screening Tool
THINKMD's COVID-19 triage and educational tool guides people through a COVID-19 self-risk assessment to increase healthcare capacity where it is most limited.
Launched during March 2020, THINKMD’s Screening and Education Tool began to guide users through a self-risk assessment to determine if an individual has symptoms associated with COVID-19 and to mitigate the burden on limited healthcare delivery systems. This tool has been made available to various populations, as it is a web-based application that can be accessed through any desktop, tablet, or mobile smartphone. Currently, THINKMD’s technology has been used in Zambia, South Africa, Indonesia, Sudan and Somalia. Soon, it will be available through SMS to ensure widespread global distribution. In June, THINKMD was chosen as a finalist in IFC’s Tech Emerge Health East Africa program, for their clinical decision support and data analytics company working with partners in 9 countries across Africa and Asia.SEE INNOVATION
Tupaia is a health data aggregation, analysis and visualization platform mapping national health systems. Data sources include DHIS2 and mSupply.

Tupaia is an online tool for medical services and health data for Asia-Pacific countries, so that governments, donors, and the public can view where health resources are needed. The Tupaia COVID-19 module was first launched in March 2020, and this free tool is available immediately to all Pacific Island Countries on request (including facility assessments and national readiness assessments), aggregating data from multiple sources in real-time and helping to guide responses.
It can be accessed here.
Summary of Tupaia’s COVID-19 responses can also be seen here.
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A digital health platform that matches the underutilized capacity of female doctors to the unmet need of health consumers via technology.

doctHERs reintegrates female healthcare providers who have been excluded from the workforce by using a digital health platform that connects remotely-located female doctors working from home to health consumers in need via trusted intermediaries such as tablet-equipped nurse/midwife-assisted video-consultation. Their services include tech-enabled health and wellness solutions to drive employee performance, productivity, and retention for workers at factories and corporate offices. doctHERs collaborates with Corporate & NGO Partners to promote health awareness, conduct medical screenings, deliver consultations, and provide access to prescription medicines for low-income, high-risk and underserved communities.
doctHERs COVID-19 response includes community health and wellness workers, mobile cash agents, pharmacy points, and route to market agents. In April, doctHERs also partnered with SWVL Pakistan, a bus transportation app, to provide health coverage and free consultation to their captains during the COVID-19 crisis. This partnership helped to provide telemedicine powered health and life insurance to their fleet of over 1,000 captains and their families, thus empowering workers to stay engaged, safe, and stress-free.See Innovation
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