The list of potentially relevant COVID-19 innovations on the site is designed to develop and grow. We’re doing this to make it easier for the global community to find potentially relevant COVID-19 innovations in one place, quickly. We aim for this list to range from deployable to adaptable to inspirational. New innovations will be added approximately once a week. 
The COVID-19 activities and stories about hand-picked innovations will be showcased on the hub here and socialized with GIE's network via social media and email.
The GIE team has already selected many innovations from nearly 15,000 innovations on GIE based on information on the innovation profile. See the COVID-19 innovations here. If your innovation is already featured here, you can skip step 1.
If your innovation isn't already featured or if you'd like to feature a different innovation (including an adaptation of the one already featured), please follow the below 3-step process to submit your innovation for consideration to be featured on the site and shared with prospective partners looking to fund, use or implement COVID-19 innovations.

If you would like to remove or swap an innovation that's featured, please email us with a link to both the new and current innovations at (it will still remain on GIE's database). 

Select one of the below that best suits the innovation you’d like to submit for consideration to be featured on the site: 

Option 1: Your innovation is new in response to and after the COVID-19 outbreak. Note: This option will also be suitable if you had an existing innovation before the outbreak but it needs to be significantly altered for the COVID-19 response. Add your innovation to GIE
Option 2: Your innovation already existed before the COVID-19 outbreak and can be used for COVID-19 response activities right away (without significant alterations). Take the below steps: 
  • Easily search for your innovation on GIE’s database*. If it exists, update your profile* to demonstrate how your existing innovation can be deployed for COVID-19. See AtmaGO here as an example of how to do this.

  • If the innovation does not exist, add your innovation to GIE. 


* If you have issues editing your page, please contact the GIE team at


Whether you are proceeding with option 1 or 2, ensure your innovation profile reflects both what your innovation is as well as your current needs for COVID-19 activities. 

Here are some specific actions we recommend to increase your chances of being selected to be featured and shared with our partners. 
  • Innovation Description  (under Share Your Innovation’s Story) - Use this or a combination of fields in this section to help explain your innovation and demonstrate how it's relevant for COVID-19.

  • Stage - Stage and supporting Stage Description (under Introduction) as well as Milestones (under Your Innovation Milestones) that show the validations and achievements your innovation has.

  • Location - Add your registration information (under Settings), where your innovation is already implemented (under Milestones - New Country), and New Countries Implemented (under Share Your Innovation’s Story - Upcoming Goals and Milestones)
  • Contact details - Include a website link (under Introduction) and point-of-contact (under Settings) 


Please use the "Upcoming Goals and Milestones" section (under Share Your Innovation’s Story) to add information about funding, staff, or other resources you need at this time and your planned milestones (i.e. new countries, lives impacted). For those who select option 1, please clarify needs and targets related specifically to your COVID-19 response in the "New Feature'' field in that section. 


When your profile is ready, please submit your GIE profile through the below form for consideration to be featured on the site and shared with partners.

SUPPORTERS & PARTNERS: Nominate Innovations
If you would like to nominate an innovation for consideration, please submit it through the below form. 

If you have a large list of innovations you'd like to nominate, please contact the GIE team to explore other options for easier, faster submission. 

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